Single Cell Genomics

Massively parallel sequencing of single cell mRNA data is transforming many fields of biological research. Find out more about recent advancements.

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FASTGenomics for single cell transcriptomic is a new platform to analyze single cell expression data designed to fit your research routine.

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Single Cell Analytics
A New Perspective To Biology

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Advances in single-cell sequencing are rewriting our understanding of genomics. A combination of massively parallel sequencing of single cell mRNA data and big data analytics is transforming many fields of biological research. This will revolutionize the way we treat cancer or immunological diseases, and provide breakthroughs in the handling of infectious disease outbreaks, drug-resistant strainsor microbialcommunities in health care or in the environment.


FASTGenomics for single cell transcriptomics: A platform designed to scale with the needs of its community.

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Software that fits your analytic lifecycle

FASTGenomics is an ONGOING PROJECT and GROWING QUICKLY. We’re adding new features all the time. Find out what is currently available and how you can contribute your own content:

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About us

FASTGenomics is a research cooperation between Comma Soft and LIMES Institute of Bonn University. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Technology. Together, we develop FASTGenomics (Fast Analysis of single-cell transcriptomics) as an analytic and diagnostic software solution. The project aims to leverage the enormous potential that is currently generated by advances in genomic research. The unprecedented resolution of single cell sequencing leads to new insights on dynamic biomedical processes hidden in the data. However, with this new technology, data volumes grow to a new scale, requiring new technological solutions and according IT expertise. For FASTGenomics, we rely on INFONEA®, an analytic software solution by Comma Soft for explorative data analysis, and combine it with state of the art Big Data technologies to provide a performant platform to host single cell algorithms currently developed in the scientific community as well as newly published large genomic data sets.

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